Five Good Things About Geographically Inappropriate Alligators

12 Sep

This fallen tree looked like a toothless alligator to me...alligators don't belong in Ithaca, NY

Alligators are popping up all over the place, in places where they do not technically belong.  This past week one was removed from the Charles River and at least two were found in the Chicago River this past summer.  While I cannot deny that summer is prime time to be in the Windy City nor can I argue with the loveliness of a New England fall, I can AND WILL argue that alligators are not suited to permanent residency is either of these regions.  However, there are some benefits of their recent appearances.

1.) Provides new jobs (e.g. reptile remover, alligator farmer) and expands the geographic options for existing workers.

2.) The carbon footprint of the alligator bag some Boston Brahmin just had to have is significantly reduced.

3.) At least in Chicago, there is now natural predator for Asian Carp.

4.) Kayaking and rowing get some water cred as “extreme” sports.

5.) Dinner – interpret as you will.


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