Five Good Things About Olive (A Pug)

6 Sep

Olive. Woof.

Much like her sister Petunia, Olive is a pug.  We spent a great weekend together and I will be quite sad to leave her tomorrow.  (She will probably be sad too, and not just because I brought her some homemade dog biscuits – recipe eventually to follow on Dribs and Drabs blog.)

1.) Olive is my favorite pug.  Boom, I said it.  The reason why I said it is because it’s true. 

2.) Olive has innards of steel.  That pup might make some questionable choices of things she eats, but she sure takes care of them – sans any assistance.

3.) Olive is an equal opportunity snugglepuppy.  She will give love to anyone.

4.) Despite her canine alopecia, Olive does not lack confidence.  She merely lacks hair in her armpits.

5.) She has perfect parents.


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