Five Good Things about Being Unemployed

3 Sep

I received notice eight weeks ago, but last week marked my last week of gainful employment.  Yep, I’m a member of the unemployment bandwagon.  I’m exploring a couple of different options for my “next step” – which could be a step forward, backward, or to the side – but pretty much decompressing this week.  While decompressing, I’ve noticed some real positive about my new situation.

1.) I get to clean in natural light.   This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a lot easier to notice things in natural light (versus artificial light) and it’s tons safer to clean light fixtures and lightbulbs when they are not on.

2.) I can see my city.  My city is home to a number of fine museums and free concerts…during the day.  

3.) I have the opportunity to visit friends,  I do need to look for work, but thanks to the internet, I can do that away from home.   I’m currently out-of-town, with people whom I regularly miss.

4.) When you don’t work, there is no risk of “taking work (or related baggage) home” with you.

5.) Unlike other insurance policies, there’s no risk of an increase in premium due to an unemployment insurance claim.


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