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Five Good Things About Hybrid Cars

18 Aug
That’s some mileage.

1.) The lack of pick up decreases the allure of drag racing

2.) Special parking!

3.) Tax deduction.

4.) That environmental thing.

5.) Based on my experience, you CAN stuff HALF A TON of passengers and their luggage into a compact hybrid and still get 34 mpg.



Five Good Things About Ice Cream

17 Aug

lots of ice cream, lots of spoons


1.) Ice cream is full of calcium, which is important for bone health – teeth too.  If you don’t want osteoporosis, eating lots of ice cream is solid preventative action.

2.) It is soothing after enduring a tonsilectomy or upper endoscopy.

3.) It is delicious and creamy.

4.) It comes in a variety of flavors, to please every palate.

5.) Some ice cream producers, such as Ben & Jerry’s, run companies with a strong sense of social responsibility.  Ice cream socials are also good fundraisers, both small scale (like for the church down the street) and large scale (like the Scooper Bowl).  Eating ice cream helps less fortunate folks.

Five Good Things About the Song “Party in the USA”

16 Aug

It's a Party in the USA

All right, this one might be a bit facetious…but it also might not be.

1.) You get to put your hands up and wave them in the air.

2.) It offers something for everyone.

3.) It’s pretty catchy.

4.) It’s a fun bar song that everyone gets into, although nobody wants to admit it (sober).

5.) You don’t have to know the song to sing along with it.

Five Good Things About Being Short on an Airplane

13 Aug

side-by-side shorties

I know I sort of already did this, but I just flew (and boy are my arms tired!) and honestly, it is a whole other kind of good to be short on an airplane.

1.) Short people can curl up in their seats for a nice snooze.

2.) It doesn’t matter if your carry-on bag takes up the whole of the space under the seat in front of you AS YOUR LEGS CAN’T REACH THAT SPACE ANYWAY.

3.) That carry-on bag?  You can fit a week’s worth of small clothes in it.

4.) It’s fine to stand up as soon as cleared upon landing, as it isn’t like your head is going to bang into anything.

5.) Nobody asks you to help them reach/remove the box of bricks they shoved into the overhead compartment.

Five Good Things About Crockpots

12 Aug
When you feel too sick to actually make chicken soup, you can just dump stuff in to a crockpot!  It's like a very quiet mom or g-ma.

Crockpot Chicken Soup

Admittedly I have backed off crocking a bit this past year, although by no fault or flaw of my slow cookers.  I’ve just also been enjoying grilling and other forms of active cooking – along with gaining a roommate and losing freezer space.  However, my crocks are still firmly in my heart and I keep meaning to do some crocking…just as soon as I have a bunch of consecutive hours available to ignore something.

1.) Crockpots are remarkably energy efficient.  I forget the exact stat, but it’s around the same as a lightbulb.  An Easy Bake Oven cooks by lightbulb, except that’s runny brownies versus a risotto or stew from the crockpot.

2.) I am convinced that you can make pretty much any edible – except maybe ice cream – in a crockpot.   They are not just for grey roasts and cream-based soups.

3.) Crockpots are dishwasher safe – or at least mine are.

4.) Crockpots are the ultimate warm beverage server at a party.  Mulled wine stays warm, so your guests will too.

5.) Hands-off, fool-friendly cooking.  Amazing.

Five Good Things About My New Target

11 Aug

One of my Tundra Targets has been reimagined!  It’s like a suburban temple, except in a city and open until 11pm.  Fantastic.  I spent way too much time there tonight, but miraculously, didn’t spend too much money at all – I kept it to my list, under $25, and the only impulse buys were two $1 treats for friends.   Buy local, yadda yadda – TARGET!

1.) The store increased in square footage without cost to my ample parking lot.  Whew, because it’s actually not all that ample.

2.) With my receipt, the machine printed a $5 off my next coupon of $50 or more.   Darn, I guess I’ll just have to go back to Target.

3.) By God’s grace I live in a state where Target is allowed to sell beer; they now have cooler space dedicated to beer so I can buy my beer, cold, at Target.

4.) Target is a store that allows customers to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons – in addition to having generally low(er) prices.  This is fantastic news for my upcoming unemployment.  I refuse to compromise on my dental health.

5.) The aisles are wider!  Okay, this is going to be one of those times where I try not to be judgmental, but since I’m totally going to fail at that, let’s just leave it at this: not all shoppers are as athletic and adept with a cart as yours truly (me).

ADDENDUM: This did not go up yesterday, when I meant for it to, because I totally fell asleep while writing it.  Target totally tuckered me out…or maybe I just need to stop blogging in bed.

Five Good Things About Spiders

9 Aug

not all spiders make webs

I am a big fan of spiders, predominately due to GT#1.   The fact that I have no kind of arachnophobia (my aunt used to bring tarantulas to me and my bro, when she visited the tundra) probably helps a bit too.
1.) They eat mosquitoes.
2.) The presence/absence of webs could be a “do I need to clean” standard for a mediocre to poor housekeeper.
3.) Eight legs and eight eyes…kinda awesome.
4.) They make people shriek.  This probably is kind of unkind, but when my big, burly Russian teammate shrieks because of an arachnid, I laugh on the inside.  On the outside I “take care of it” for her.
5.) They are radiant, humble, and terrific spellers.

Five Good Things About “Unfortunate” Dates

8 Aug

Not that I know anything about  “unfortunate” dates…”Unfortunate” is totally a euphemism because labeling a date as “bad” would be unkind.

1.) My bad dates are good for my friends who live vicariously through me.

2.) It’s comforting to know “for sure” about someone, even if it’s that I “for sure ” never want to see them again.

3.) The aftermath provides an opportunity for me to revisit and revise standards – i.e. I might need to aim higher than “Hopefully, probably not an axe murderer.”  My friend Sliced Bread told me I am AT LEAST worth a Starbucks for a first date.  (Thanks SB!)

4.) It reminds me of how AWESOME I am. 

5.) When I find “the one” I’ll appreciate him so much more.

Five Good Things About Weddings

7 Aug

By “weddings” I mean other people’s weddings.

1.) Cake!

2.) Multiple opportunities to do the chicken dance.

3.) Someone else (the bride) is more concerned about spilling than you are.

4.) If you are close to the folks who are getting hitched, you might get to have some arts and crafts time to (help) make the centerpieces!  I am full of good ideas for these.

5.) For the family you rarely see, it’s the joyous time when you see them.  (The other time is funerals, which while ideally a celebration of life are often a bit of a blue event.)

Five Good Things About Petunia (A Pug)

6 Aug

Her name is Petunia, but you can call her Tuna.

 Petunia is a pug that (along with another pug) lives with two of my friends from school.  Everyone in the abode is pretty swell; they will probably eventually all get 5GT written about them.

1.)  Her name contains a self-description: PETunia.

2.) Like most pugs, she snarffles.

3.) One time, when I took “Tuna”  for a walk, she just knew which neighbor was the crabbiest and most crotchety.  That’s the neighbor who lives off the sidewalk square Petunia selected for a wee.

4.) She is an incredibly tolerant pup; she has a lot to tolerate some days.

5.) Look at her!   Her wrinkly fat face is a fantastic thing.