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Five Good Things About Sliced Bread, The Person

30 Aug

Sliced Bread (the person) showing off a hometown cookie

Although our interactions in the blogosphere are fairly new, Sliced Bread  and I go way back to my first year of college – she was a wise, old sophomore.  There are well more than five good things about her, so consider this a SB Sampler. 
1.) She has the greatest giggle ever.  I’m not exaggerating at all.  Here’s an example of how musical it is: If we could bottle up and sell her giggle, we would be able to buy a summer island (off Maine) and a winter island (off Italy) where all of our friends would just hang out and drink wine and eat cheese.   ALL THE TIME, except when we wanted to do other stuff and then we’d do other stuff.  We are a reasonably young group too, so I budgeting for a lot of years of islands, wine, and cheese.  Our islands are fully staffed. 
2.) Sliced is a great writer.  Her firm (but not rigid) grasp on the English language allows me to fully enjoy the content of her writing.   One time  Sliced’s mom mixed up my blog and her blog, and told Sliced that she “liked her five good things blog.”   Having something I wrote mistaken for something SB wrote is one of my favorite compliments ever, even though it wasn’t intentional.
3.) Slicers has so much class that she was the former head debutante of Pittsburgh.  (She is also pleasant when friends remind her of this shady past.)
4.) I met SB on the crew team.  She was my first favorite stroke.   (I am not allowed to have a most favorite stroke, but first fave is pretty big.) 
5.) She has phenomenal perspective.  Depending on the situation, she can make her friends think, laugh, or forget.
Addendum: The cookie she is holding was free.