Five Good Things About Beer in Cans

29 Aug

Delicious Beer in a Recyclable Can

I used to be a total snob, thinking I was “above” canned beer.  Then I found out I was WRONG.  I am still a total snob about macrobrewed canned beer, but have learned the error of my prejudices.

1.) Cans block out UV light; UV light is beer’s NUMBER ONE ENEMY.

2.) Cans are permitted places that (glass) bottles are not, either legally (e.g. beaches, airplanes) or prudently (e.g. boats). 

3.) Cans are easier to recycle than glass AND it takes less energy to recycle a can than make a new one.

4.) Continuing in the environmental vein, cans are much lighter than glass, significantly reducing the gas necessary – and related carbon emissions – for transport.   Al Gore should be the spokesman for canned beer.

5.) Cans chill faster.  I am not a fan of warm beer. Warm cookies, yes. Warm beer, no.


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