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Five Good Things About Donuts

26 Aug

donuts only

1.) They are pretty much just an excuse to eat cake at breakfast.  I’m not saying that there is anything WRONG with enjoying some cake for breakfast – nor that doing so requires an excuse.  I am merely saying that it is a bit more socially acceptable, if you are concerned about that sort of thing.

2.) Due to their shape, all of the calories fall out the hole in the middle.  This is a true fact, my mom told me so.

3.) Okay, so the above is sort-of-medium wishful thinking.  However, donuts are the low-calorie option at Dunkin’s, where a standard jelly donut contains a (mere) 260 calories compared to the 320 calories in a plain bagel without cream cheese.

4.) Donuts are such a brilliant concept that archeologists have found evidence of them in prehistoric Native American ruins in the southwestern US *and* medieval Europeans came up with the concept too.  That’s a gap bridger right there.

5.) Donuts support our troops and bring them comfort.  During both world wars, ladies would bring/make fresh donuts for the troops on the front lines, to remind them of home.   I know that reads as sort of sexist, but remember the times and realize that sometimes sexist = historically accurate.