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Five Good Things About (From) Emails

24 Aug

There are about ten thousand situations going on RIGHT NOW – in just the lives of myself and folks I know.   This sure has resulted in a lot of email.  Fortunately, email is pretty environmentally friendly and some bits of some emails make me laugh.  Here are five, completely out of context, of course!  (In the old days, SB would say, “RESUMEEEEEEEE!”)

1.) She is magical, but she has the fattest feet we have ever seen.

2.) I think we have some bubble wrap left over from the move, seems like it would be both zesty and demure

3.) I hope you will avert your eyes from her girth and waddling.

4.) If you don’t come, I’m going to tell everyone you discriminate against the seizured.

5.) Fortunately, no one is going to judge me on my coolness, because I don’t really associate with people who do that.