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Five Good Things About Margaritas

20 Aug

Margarita on the Rocks


1.) Tequila is a vital ingredient in margaritas.  It is produced in Mexico, providing jobs for Mexicans and a strong export for the country. 

2.) Margaritas are chock full of citrus, thus helping to protect their consumers from scurvy.  

3.) It’s hard to stay tense and uptight with a jolly glass of margarita – even when it isn’t in a real margarita glass. 

4.) More things should really be focused on me and my preferences and margaritas are pretty much the only way I enjoy tequila.  I mean, it’s possible that I have done a tequila shot or two over the course of my long life, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it – either at all or as much as I would have enjoyed a margarita. 

5.) Margaritas allow for adult theme dinners for the gluten-free demographic.  Tacos and margaritas are the celiac-friendly alternative to pizza and beer.