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Five Good Things About Being Short on an Airplane

13 Aug

side-by-side shorties

I know I sort of already did this, but I just flew (and boy are my arms tired!) and honestly, it is a whole other kind of good to be short on an airplane.

1.) Short people can curl up in their seats for a nice snooze.

2.) It doesn’t matter if your carry-on bag takes up the whole of the space under the seat in front of you AS YOUR LEGS CAN’T REACH THAT SPACE ANYWAY.

3.) That carry-on bag?  You can fit a week’s worth of small clothes in it.

4.) It’s fine to stand up as soon as cleared upon landing, as it isn’t like your head is going to bang into anything.

5.) Nobody asks you to help them reach/remove the box of bricks they shoved into the overhead compartment.