Five Good Things About Crockpots

12 Aug
When you feel too sick to actually make chicken soup, you can just dump stuff in to a crockpot!  It's like a very quiet mom or g-ma.

Crockpot Chicken Soup

Admittedly I have backed off crocking a bit this past year, although by no fault or flaw of my slow cookers.  I’ve just also been enjoying grilling and other forms of active cooking – along with gaining a roommate and losing freezer space.  However, my crocks are still firmly in my heart and I keep meaning to do some crocking…just as soon as I have a bunch of consecutive hours available to ignore something.

1.) Crockpots are remarkably energy efficient.  I forget the exact stat, but it’s around the same as a lightbulb.  An Easy Bake Oven cooks by lightbulb, except that’s runny brownies versus a risotto or stew from the crockpot.

2.) I am convinced that you can make pretty much any edible – except maybe ice cream – in a crockpot.   They are not just for grey roasts and cream-based soups.

3.) Crockpots are dishwasher safe – or at least mine are.

4.) Crockpots are the ultimate warm beverage server at a party.  Mulled wine stays warm, so your guests will too.

5.) Hands-off, fool-friendly cooking.  Amazing.


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