Five Good Things About My New Target

11 Aug

One of my Tundra Targets has been reimagined!  It’s like a suburban temple, except in a city and open until 11pm.  Fantastic.  I spent way too much time there tonight, but miraculously, didn’t spend too much money at all – I kept it to my list, under $25, and the only impulse buys were two $1 treats for friends.   Buy local, yadda yadda – TARGET!

1.) The store increased in square footage without cost to my ample parking lot.  Whew, because it’s actually not all that ample.

2.) With my receipt, the machine printed a $5 off my next coupon of $50 or more.   Darn, I guess I’ll just have to go back to Target.

3.) By God’s grace I live in a state where Target is allowed to sell beer; they now have cooler space dedicated to beer so I can buy my beer, cold, at Target.

4.) Target is a store that allows customers to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons – in addition to having generally low(er) prices.  This is fantastic news for my upcoming unemployment.  I refuse to compromise on my dental health.

5.) The aisles are wider!  Okay, this is going to be one of those times where I try not to be judgmental, but since I’m totally going to fail at that, let’s just leave it at this: not all shoppers are as athletic and adept with a cart as yours truly (me).

ADDENDUM: This did not go up yesterday, when I meant for it to, because I totally fell asleep while writing it.  Target totally tuckered me out…or maybe I just need to stop blogging in bed.


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