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Five Good Things About Spiders

9 Aug

not all spiders make webs

I am a big fan of spiders, predominately due to GT#1.   The fact that I have no kind of arachnophobia (my aunt used to bring tarantulas to me and my bro, when she visited the tundra) probably helps a bit too.
1.) They eat mosquitoes.
2.) The presence/absence of webs could be a “do I need to clean” standard for a mediocre to poor housekeeper.
3.) Eight legs and eight eyes…kinda awesome.
4.) They make people shriek.  This probably is kind of unkind, but when my big, burly Russian teammate shrieks because of an arachnid, I laugh on the inside.  On the outside I “take care of it” for her.
5.) They are radiant, humble, and terrific spellers.