Five Good Things About Petunia (A Pug)

6 Aug

Her name is Petunia, but you can call her Tuna.

 Petunia is a pug that (along with another pug) lives with two of my friends from school.  Everyone in the abode is pretty swell; they will probably eventually all get 5GT written about them.

1.)  Her name contains a self-description: PETunia.

2.) Like most pugs, she snarffles.

3.) One time, when I took “Tuna”  for a walk, she just knew which neighbor was the crabbiest and most crotchety.  That’s the neighbor who lives off the sidewalk square Petunia selected for a wee.

4.) She is an incredibly tolerant pup; she has a lot to tolerate some days.

5.) Look at her!   Her wrinkly fat face is a fantastic thing.


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