Five Good Things About Tomatoes

3 Aug

Mmm...homegrown tomatoes

1.)  Tomatoes are a grand source of lycopene, antioxidants, Vitamins A/E/K, and a bunch of other good stuff.  They are no kind of source of nasty stuff like fat and cholesterol.

2. ) Tomatoes are one of the primary ingredients in catsup.  While I personally find catsup completely repulsive, when added to food it  is a magic serum to stop the whining of the children.  (Whining is also completely repulsive; do not hold your breath for a “five good things” on whining.)

3.) Tomato plants are annuals when grown outside in temperate climates, but perennials in warmer climates.  Easy and delicious?  SIGN ME UP.  (Although I’m sure I’d miss my tundra winters…)

4.) Tomato plants tend to produce A LOT of tomatoes.  People (e.g. me) love when you gift them your extras.    It’s kind of like a plant that yields love and tomatoes.

5.) Among other delicious things, tomatoes are used in: salsa, marinara sauce, pizza, BLT sandwiches, soup, green salads, and caprese salad.  I like to eat them many ways.   However, I find Bloody Marys gross (cold soup) so I prefer not to drink them.


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