Five Good Things About Grass

31 Jul

Grassy Knoll

1.) It is a food source for lots of animals, such as cows and sheep and rabbits.

2.) When it is lush, I like how it feels between my toes.

3.) Its maintenance provides a source of income and occupation – for people of all ages.

4.) It prevents top soil from washing away.

5.) Without it, people would get awfully dirty and sore when rolling down hills in the summer.


One Response to “Five Good Things About Grass”

  1. Penny August 3, 2010 at 5:59 am #

    This is like a game I play with my kids – at dinner we all try and think of one thing to be glad about for that day.

    Another thing about grass, and similar to your #4, is that grass absorbs windblown dust and leaves. If you have paving, it has to be swept. :)

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