Five Good Things About Blogging

25 Jul

One of my friends often instigates “go-arounds” where everyone responds to the same question.   Our most common go-around is  to each share five (recent) good things about our lives.   I’m stepping the concept up and coming up with five good things about various things.  Since this is a blog, I am going to start with five good things about…BLOGGING!

1.) It is widely available, at minimal – if any – cost to the masses, both to create and to read.

2.) I find awesome recipes on blogs that aren’t mine.

3.) Sometimes blogs make people feel better about themselves and their situations, for both the right and the wrong reasons.

4.) Blogging provides an emotional and a creative outlet.

5.) Blogs can be – and are – about pretty much anything and everything, at times in a single blog.


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